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Dami Kwon talks about GD in an interview!

So GD named “Rare Market”?
Dami: “How about Rare?” He said it just like that. Because he isn’t really the type to think deeply. (Laughs) At first I said, “What? Not medium but rare? What’s that?” but after hearing it for a while, it really hooked onto me. Adding “market” after seems to have added some trendy feeling to it.

What was G-Dragon’s reaction?
Dami: My brother visited the place before the stocks came in, when the place wasn’t fully settled yet. He’s not the type to say whether things are good or bad so he didn’t really say anything. But he went around by himself and took some pictures. That means he likes the place. (Laughs) He came in again about a week ago, he said he likes the water bar because it’s unique. The water bar can be used by anyone. I want to make it into a place where I can have meetings, put on displays and fashion shows, and have it open to everyone.

The siblings’ fashion guru is their mom.
Dami: My brother is known to like unique things, and that’s the same for me. If you see my family, my mom has a very strong individuality. She likes fancy and fun things. She probably has the best fashion sense amongst my family. (Laughs) For me and my brother, we used to see and copy our mom when we were young. When I point something out while reading a magazine and ask her, “Mom, from what brand is this?”, she knows the answer right away.

Do you go shopping with your brother a lot? How would you rate his style?
 We go shopping together often. Now that we live together, we steal each other’s clothes too. (Laughs) First of all, we both seek the same thing: being one and only. When we were young, my brother used to copy what I wore. If I wore a jacket, he would copy me, then we’d fight. (Laughs) Jiyong is pretty skinny, so he can fit into women’s clothes. It’s the opposite now. If Jiyong has pretty clothes, I take them. (Laughs)

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source: ju-bu.com